Location: Dwight, Ontario (2910 Highway 60)
Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-5pm, Fri 7am-1pm, Weekends off or choose to work for additional funds or private project.
Term: Permanent
Pay: $2000
Term: May 21 - Aug 20, 2018


Types of work: Forestry work including transplanting, thinning, pruning, cutting grass, planting garden, sawmill work, banding slabs, GIS and GPS, skidding logs, controlled fires, firewood production, bridge building, tool maintenance, cutting down trees, grafting and seed collection, inventory, grading, removing metal from reclaimed wood. Woodworking shop when it's too hot, too wet, too buggy days or whenever the shop needs an extra set of hands (3 to 6 weeks).

Skills acquired: Use of chainsaw, by passing loppers, pick, sledge, splitting maul, gas powered wood splitter, chainsaw mill, sawmill, banding machine, palm, thickness, edge, belt and stroke sanders, planers, band saw, clamps, cut off saw, moulding machine, shaper, various other tools for forestry and woodworking.

Compensation: $2,000. North on Sixty will provide living accommodation (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, wifi, TV, BBQ & smoker, fire pit, use of bike, ping pong); work gloves, bug spray & hat, all safety gear except boots; continuous coaching and instruction by the staff and Yuill McGregor on all aspects of North on Sixty's vertically integrated wood business; library and magazines for quickening the learning process on all aspects of homes, furniture and forestry.


Email hr@northonsixty.com with subject line "Forestry Student"


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