We build FURNITURE you won't need to replace.


The Mackenzie

This Old-Growth Yellow Birch table features ‘quilting’, a naturally-occurring pattern that gives the wood an almost 3D holographic look. Yellow Birch is especially hard, which makes it perfectly suited for a table that can be passed on through the generations. Walnut bowtie keys hold the end checks.


The Waterline

On a beaver pond, you’ll often see the animals’ handiwork decorating the water—floating and protruding through the surface. This table is a ‘joint venture’ between North on Sixty and the beavers near our shop. It features two of their favourite woods—White Birch and Maple—and 15mm low-iron glass.


The Nonna

It’s the cutting board you need because it’s the only cutting board you’ll ever need. Each heirloom piece is handcrafted from end-grain White Oak, whose fibers self-heal, resist splitting, and remain gentle on knives. Its naturally-occurring tannin contain anti-microbial properties.



Cutting 'big wood' with our Alaskan Mill

Toronto's Te Aro Coffee Roasters


The North on Sixty Guarantee

We stand behind our work. If you're not satisfied with the quality of a product, we'll fix it or take it back. Simple. As it should be.

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