stunning homes that work beautifully.

We employ impassioned craftsmanship and top-quality materials, without exception. We build residential, professional and retail spaces that will last, and last, and last — ultimately one of the most important elements of conservation. Our design/build projects are recognized for their ingenuitive design — such as their efficient use of space (allowing for smaller physical footprints) and efficient use of natural light (allowing for less electricity usage).




Huntsville barn

living room


"Recently a friend asked me: If I could change one thing about my North on Sixty kitchen, what would it be? Without hesitation, I replied: Absolutely nothing. It is perfect."

— Evelyne

"There have been days when I have decided to stay in, and then realized it's because the living room North on Sixty designed me is so damn cozy."

— Will

"While the workmanship was outstanding, it was your ideas that really make the house work. Design that is ingenious; practical; beautiful."

— Paul & Louise

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