The true cost of ownership shows why Kebony is the smarter choice.

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  1. Accoya is sold unsurfaced. Therefore it must get shipped to a moulding shop, handled and surfaced and shipped to the site.

  2. Nova Wood is rated at 12" O/C for joists.

  3. Red Balau must be treated on all 4 faces with a product similar to Ipê oil or Cutek "clear" prior to install. It is also recommended to apply the same product to the top deck face every 1-2 years depending on exposure. Without the oil treatment the wood is prone to having the micro cracks develop into the structural cracks in as few as 12 years — climate dependent.

  4. The decline in quality of Ipê over the last six years due to over-harvest, second growth and lesser quality logs results in cupped, curved and different density and colour gradation in the deck boards, making it slower to install and with higher waste and/or returns. Many Ipê deck boards require the use of a "hardwood wrench" to torque them into position to make each board align with its contiguous mates.

  5. Kebony warranty is 30 years, exclusive to original purchaser.

  6. Accoya warranty is exclusive to original purchaser, 50 years above ground.

  7. Special infrastructure is required as Kebony's long life cycle can outlast typical PT framing by as much as 40 years. Best infrastructure material is Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) pressure treated to a ground contact standard.

  8. Although Kebony 22x142mm is rated for commercial foot traffic at 24” O/C, we recommend 16” O/C to provide the highest quality “feel” underfoot.

  9. Predrill only recommended for last 6” of boards.

Updated August 2017. North on Sixty cannot guarantee accuracy but every effort has been made to provide realistic and up-to-date information.

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