Introducing the Nonna

It's the cutting board you need because
it's the only cutting board you'll ever need.



The most sustainable products are those that don't have to be replaced. Nothing embodies that more than this kitchen workhorse, which you may one day pass on to a covetous son or daughter.


Each heirloom piece is handcrafted from end-grain White Oak, whose fibers self-heal, resist splitting, and remain gentle on your knives. Their naturally occurring tannins contain antimicrobial properties. Our clients tend to use one side to prep vegetables and one side for meats.



The Nonna comes in two varieties - square or rounded corners - but your board will be unique because of variations in pattern and colour.




It's so well made, we signed our name to it.






Order by Friday, December 13 and receive a complimentary maintenance kit and a 10% discount.

$350   $315

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