Wood 103:
Establishing Roots

This workshop is about exposing children to the possibility of a future in the world of wood — which could include anything from the fields of biology or chemistry to more traditional vocations like woodworking and sawmilling. We explore a wide range of jobs and strive to also cover elements that students really want to know about, such as where the demand will be and what incomes they can expect. We look at where technology is headed — using real-world examples like the tall-wood structures being built as we speak on Toronto’s waterfront — and how the future of wood is fundamentally about society’s reconnection with the outdoors and the wonder of mother nature.

About the Instructor

Yuill McGregor is one of Canada's foremost authorities on wood and the Founder & President of North on Sixty — a Toronto-based builder (R-2000, 1988). Yuill’s passion for wood began at age four, when he was given a set of Maple building blocks from his grandmother. He’s been building things ever since. Yuill’s expertise on the subject of wood — from forestry through to building applications — is matched only by his passion for sharing that knowledge.

His company, North on Sixty, takes on ambitious building projects of all types — most employing the unmatched aesthetic and performance characteristics that only his favourite building material can offer.


1 hour

Your classroom



North on Sixty will provide Fair Trade maple crystal milk chocolate bars. Host to provide refreshments, if desired.

Yuill McGregor

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