Woodworker / Shop overseer (wood furniture, cabinetry, flooring)

Yuill Built / North on Sixty



We salvage wood from sources that minimize or eliminate environmental impact; it so happens that this wood often comes with its own interesting stories. We've used wood from barns, farmhouses, warehouses, factories, plane hangars, bridges, and the list goes on. All of our recycled and water-recovered woods have been sourced within 300 kilometres of our shop, as have 90% of our woods from managed forests.

North on Sixty is a partner in the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) – Forest Certification Program. The EOMF is certified by SmartWood of the Rainforest Alliance as meeting the principles and criteria for the environmental, economic and social standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). The EOMF manages an FSC® certificate (SW-FM/COC 000-232) on behalf of private woodlot and community forest owners in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Forest Region of Eastern Ontario, which allows them to share the benefits and costs of FSC certification by accrediting their lands under this one certificate. For more information, visit



NATURE OF BUSINESS: Furniture Manufacturer
#OF VACANCIES: One, 40 hours per week
TERMS: Monday – Friday, Fulltime - Permanent
JOB LOCATION: Branch at: 2910 Highway 60, Dwight, ON. P0A 1H0
RATE: $18-25 per hour

APPLY BY: Email with subject line "Woodworker / Shop overseer"


English: Read, Write, Speak
EQUIPMENT: Using 3 phase machinery, Stroke Sander, Chain Mortisor, Thickness Sander, Sliding Table saw, Overhead Router, Planer, Jointer and Band Saw.


1) All manner of fitting woods (solid, antique, MDF, particle core, straw board, melamine, veneers) together.
2) A comprehensive understanding of hardware. Euro hinges, Soss hinges, drawer slides, tambour sheets, flap stays, rare earth magnets.
3) Ability to take and give directions.
4) An unabiding keen interest in knowing everything about your vocation, a profound interest in great design and excellence in all aspects.
5) Ability to differentiate between species of wood, especially North American, specifically reclaimed and antique woods.


General overall operations manager
a) Supervise, coordinate and schedule shop activities
b) Community outreach, Huntsville Business Association
c) Regular face to face meetings (usually weekly) with owner
d) Daily phone meetings with head office
e) Act as a communication link between owner and shop
f) Communicate with Toronto office via phone, e-mail and fax
g) Develop and implement systems/procedures to improve communication and productivity

Production co-ordinator
a) Planning / scheduling
b) Establish scope of work
c) Establish material and hardware requirements
d) Appropriately requisition materials, hardware and supplies
e) Compile worksheets and specifications for orders
f) Track process and report to owner
g) Track / monitor hours spent on each project - ensure we don't spend too long on a job
h) Justify / defend hours spent
i) Assist with design process
j) Find/decide material
k) Break-out material
l) Receive orders
m) Quality control
n) Review timesheets to ensure accuracy

Equipment Maintenance
a) Ensure equipment is in good working order
b) When not - identify problem, spec and order parts and have repaired in house if we are confident

a) Review drawings / specs. with head office to establish pricing

Sales / Marketing / Customer Service
a) Deal with customer requests, issues, enquiries and complaints
b) Take walk-in customers through showroom and "tell the story"
c) Organizing special events
d) Retail initiatives - need to prepare the front for summer sales

Property / Building Maintenance
a) Maintain property / building appearance (cleaning, general up keep)
b) Snow removal - shovel doors and use tractor to remove snow that can't be done by plow

a) Establish and maintain necessary levels of shop supplies
b) Load and monitor kiln
c) Track existing inventory and update as required

Saw Mill / Forestry / Firewood
a) Coordinate mill activities with shop requirements
b) Oversee forestry and firewood operations


Email with subject line "Woodworker / Shop overseer"



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