Wood 201:
Best Practices from Around the World

This thoughtfully condensed one-hour course provides participants with a thorough overview of the increasingly central role that wood is playing in architecture and design. Participants will be briefed on how wood is being used around the world, new techniques in sustainable sourcing, and how to specify with confidence. An optional 20-minute Q&A at the end is available for participants to ask detailed questions about their own projects.

Participants with less experience with wood will be encouraged by the instructor's ability to present the subject in an accessible manner. Participants with more experience will be stimulated by the instructor's deep knowledge of the field and are encouraged to bring their most challenging questions to the session.

About the Instructor

Yuill McGregor is one of Canada's foremost authorities on wood and the Founder & President of North on Sixty — a Toronto-based builder (R-2000, 1988). Yuill’s passion for wood began at age four, when he was given a set of Maple building blocks from his grandmother. He’s been building things ever since. Yuill’s expertise on the subject of wood — from forestry through to building applications — is matched only by his passion for sharing that knowledge.

His company, North on Sixty, takes on ambitious building projects of all types — most employing the unmatched aesthetic and performance characteristics that only his favourite building material can offer.


1 hour

Your office

Participants will receive a certificate for one learning hour that can be submitted to the OAA for a continuing education credit.

Free for OAA member companies

North on Sixty to provide all training materials. Host to provide refreshments, if desired.

Yuill McGregor



Inquire about hosting a session by calling our office at 416.538.3325 or writing to sylvie@northonsixty.com

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